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10 Residential Architecture Trends Shaping the Next 5 Years

The open space goes main stream
10 Residential Architecture Trends Shaping the Next 5 Years, as architects, trends play an important role in design work. While clients coming to you usually want a design that is unique, they will no doubt be influenced by the features they see in magazines and in their friend’s homes, as well as their own needs and desires (that change with the times).

2000 years ago, pyramids were all the rage. In the 60s there was a lot of natural material, whereas by the 80s more synthetic “space age” materials were used. When the television became a common household feature, the design of living spaces shifted to make the box the focal point of the room (instead of a fireplace or other feature).

And now, our modern lives impact the design of our homes, and this has created some unique trends in architecture and design. How many of these trends have you spotted in your recent client work?
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What is your favorite trend?


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