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2018 brings new indulgent trends in luxury real estate


We may be living in the age of minimalism, but that doesn’t mean there is less demand for luxury, glamorous properties. There are many creative ways to incorporate opulent elements into a minimalist design and high net worth individuals are ready to invest millions in a property that ticks all the boxes in terms of comfort and amenities. According to luxury real estate experts, 2018 will bring forth an eclectic combination of high end elegant elements, with strong influences from nature and technology. How will the ideal luxury home look like next year? Read below to find out
Bathrooms with a view

In the age of technology and busy schedules, when the clients who can buy luxury homes barely get to spend any time in them, there is an increased focus on Zen elements that turn the home into a personal oasis. For example, the most luxurious homes in New York have bathrooms with a view, in the attempt to offer natural light and a space for relaxation. Be it in blocks of apartments or private houses, luxury bathrooms are more and more spacious and oriented in such a way as to overlook the skyline, even as you sit in the tub. Clunky wooden bathroom furniture is replaced with smooth glass surfaces to reflect light and give the illusion of a brighter and more open space.

Bring the outdoors in

Environmental awareness is on the rise and it’s only normal for this to be reflected in luxury real estate trends. There is a fascinating contrast between the façade of glass and steel buildings in the heart of big cities and the warm natural décor inside. To bring the outdoors in, luxury architects suggest two options: one, the use of all-natural building materials (hardwood, bamboo) and nature inspired color schemes. Two, the incorporation of natural elements such as plants (even to the extent of creating plant covered walls) and rocks. Designers also recommend painting one wall to replicate the look of a forest or another natural landscape.

At-home sauna

One of the most enduring trends in luxury real estate has been the inclusion of exclusive amenities into the home, eliminating the need to go someplace else for them. The most extreme version of this trends are celebrity homes that can have their very own amusement parks, but a more reasonable alternative is the addition of a home sauna. Apart from the medical benefits of such as home addition, owners can also enjoy social and wellbeing perks. A property with built-in sauna kits sells much faster and is guaranteed to impress every interested buyer. Alone or combined with other wellbeing decorations, the home sauna will also increase the value of the property.

Personal gym

The personal gym is in the same category as the home sauna in terms of benefits. Homeowners can work out at home whenever they like, without having to pay for a subscription. A personal gym is surprisingly easy to set up as long as you have the space and the most difficult part is getting the equipment in the room. There are two versions of the personal gym that luxury home owners prefer: the fitness gym, complete with equipment such as treadmills, steppers and weights, and then the sports gym, which has the equipment needed for a certain sport. This includes boxing rings and basketball courts. Needless to say, the latter is more expensive to implement.

Bigger closets

In 2018, there is no such thing as a luxury home without a large walk-in closet for every resident. Also known as dressing suites, these closets are almost as large as a bedroom and can accommodate the equivalent of about seven clothes and shoe racks. Although not compulsory, a vanity table can also be included here. Needless to say, the walk-in closet is not neglected when it comes to design. Looking at examples of notable dressing suites, you’ll see that they have candelabras, ambient lights, vintage furniture and luxury decorations. This trend was started by celebrities and will not go away anytime soon.

Rooms for pets

If the average homeowner can only allocate one small corner of the room to their pet, the high net-worth individual doesn’t back down for setting up an entire room with facilities that match the ones in luxury pet hotels. It is not uncommon for these clients to look for houses where a special pet room has already been set up. This room should include one or more pet beds, a feeding corner and the larger part of the room is a play area. Depending on the pet, this is where you can include things like a mini-gym, scratching pole, cat towers and even a TV.

Gaming room – the adult playground

Whether they are Internet celebrities that make a living from streaming, or executives in tech companies, fans of luxury real estate definitely want their homes to include a large gaming room. Make no mistake, this is not your average office with two screens and a gaming chair. It a large room, generally in the basement, that can fit three or more gaming units with their corresponding screens and chairs. The gaming rooms can also include a sofa, as well as minimalist, techy decorations. Because many people who want to invest in a house with a gaming room also do streaming (or simply want to be isolated when they play), this room is often soundproof.

The rise of the smart home

In 2017, the smart home stood out as one of the biggest luxury real estate trends to look out for. In 2018, its popularity is expected to grow even more, because clients realize how exciting and practical smart technologies are. From IoT appliances that close the windows for you to the fridge that sends you a notification when your milk is about to expire, these are the things that high net-worth clients want to have in their homes. Although access to them is still limited in some areas, experts forecast the rise of the smart home for 2018.

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