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Luxury Home Design Trends in 2018

Buying a luxury home is a bit different from buying the average house. More and more luxury buyers are using the home as an additional asset in their overall investment portfolio. In the 1950s the dream was to find a home and pay off the mortgage, now many financial advisors recommend using the mortgage as a way to not only offset income taxes but to leverage capital for other investments. For those just entering the luxury home market, it’s important to know what to look for and stay on top of the latest luxury home design trends so that the home not only provides a pleasant living environment but also appreciates in value.

Design trends are always evolving, yet modern lifestyles have completely changed the way luxury buyers expect their homes to function. Gone are the multiple rooms with varying functions and in their place, great rooms, eat-in kitchens and easy access to exterior spaces which function as extensions of the interior rooms. Master suites and sumptuous baths have become common as well as kitchens which could make a professional chef drool. These are just a few ways that contemporary lifestyles have dictated changes in home design.


The kitchen has always been the heart of the home. 2018 kitchen trends are seeing a blending of sleek industrial surfaces with rich, warm woods and natural stone. The complementary tones and textures give contemporary luxury kitchens a timeless elegance. Upgraded, professional qualify appliances in a variety of finishes grace modern kitchens while the expansive nature of the space itself invites family and guests to linger while the meal is being prepared enjoying a glass of wine from the built-in wine closet or cellar.
Master Bedroom Suites
Master Suites have been popular for years but in 2018, interior designers are experimenting with new textures and amenities. Soft paint colors combine with deep wood finishes and luxury details such as chandeliers create rooms intended for reflection and quiet enjoyment. Walk-in closets have been replaced by huge rooms complete with multiple cabinets, hanging spaces, drawers and even seating areas; some the size of a small bedroom in a typical house.
Master bathrooms have become larger and more purposeful over the past few years as well. Steam rooms and waterfall-style spa showers are popping up in luxury homes and design showrooms across the country. Heated floors, towel racks and even toilets are commonplace as designers strive to create a relaxing retreat from the stress of daily life.

Interior/Exterior Spaces

2018 has seen a surge of innovation in living spaces. Luxury home owners expect not only an easy, open flow to the home, but to seamlessly stream through to the exterior spaces as well. Entire walls disappear with a click of a button to allow the inside to flow out into outdoor rooms, complete with kitchens, fireplaces, comfortable furniture and supersized TVs. Pools have also been redesigned for the ultimate in entertainment with swim-up bars and waterfall grottos. Resort designs include cabanas and even beach areas where one can lounge on a chaise while staying cool in the water.
Media Rooms
One must-have in a 2018 luxury home is the media room. These rooms can include a private theater space with oversized leather reclining seats and darkening shades and lighting as well as adjunct spaces for billiards or video gaming, Far from their family room cousins, these spaces feature state-of-the-art surround sound and 4K high-definition screens for the viewers’ ultimate enjoyment.

Smart Home Features

The most important change in interior design is the integration of Smart Home Features and Technology. From lights and windows which open and close with a voice command to appliances which track your grocery list, luxury home buyers demand that their home include the latest advances in Smart Home design. Smart home systems can lock doors, control temperatures in multiple zones, notify occupants of visitors and intruders and coordinate to create a safe, efficient and relaxing environment to call home.

Luxury home designs are constantly changing and today’s homeowners are finding that the trends in 2018 are creating spaces which cater to a safe, healthy and restorative lifestyle.

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