What sets Aspen apart?

Aspen is a beautiful, cultural, and exciting place to call home in the Roaring Fork Valley. There is so much to see, and even more to do, when you’re living in the world’s trendiest mountain town.

The Aspen Difference

Aspen is made up of a mix of people from all around the world, which has turned this bustling town into a hotbed for different cultures, experiences, and people. In one day, you can hear from some of the world’s smartest people at the Aspen Institute, see a show compliments of the Aspen Music School, and head to the Aspen Science Centre to indulge in discovery.

The thing you need to know about Aspen is that the influx of people has created an environment that goes way beyond the winter. Aspen is a small town nestled right in the heart of the mountains, yet it has all the same comforts of any big city. On one single street, you can find fine dining, art galleries, haute couture, and a gondola all the way up to the mountain!

There’s hardly anywhere else like it, which is what makes it such an exceptional place to call home.

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If you live in the heart of Aspen, prepare to walk. Aspen is a walking town, with free public transit and very bike-friendly infrastructure on hand. At the same time, the Aspen Airport is only a mere 3 miles from Downtown. Getting around Aspen is a breeze, because it’s a town that has been designed with travelers in mind.

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When you’re not on one of the area’s four mountains, you can explore the area of Aspen in so many other ways. Embark on one of the amazing trails, like the Rio Grande Trail whose trailhead can be found in Aspen. Try heading to the Aspen Highlands where you can huff and puff to your heart’s content, or watch wildflowers bloom along trails like Linkins Lake of the Grizzly Lake Trail.

Afterwards, you can enjoy some of the area’s après lifestyle at J-Bar, which has been an Aspen staple since 1889. Enjoy the Old West ambiance, take a load off, and then get ready for your next adventure.

Aspen’s combination of amenities is what really makes it shine. It has that small-town charm, big city amenities, and stunning mountain vistas. If you want the best of everything, Aspen is for you.

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