What sets Woody Creek apart?

An electric and romantic mountain hideaway, Woody Creek is an artist’s enclave that is close to Aspen, with plenty of its own character and personality.

The Woody Creek Difference

At first glance, it might feel as though Woody Creek is a vast, residential community that values privacy over community. While the lots might be large, there’s still a certain electricity running throughout, combining both surreal nature with friendly locals.

Woody Creek is a free-spirited sort of place. Lots of running waters and the Rio Grande Trail help real estate in Woody Creek feel connected to nature. While you might be further away from big city amenities, you’ll quickly fall in love with the small-town charm.

Creative types have always flocked to real estate in Woody Creek. Maybe it’s to do with the wide-open spaces, the rugged nature, or the unique architecture – it’s no wonder why Hunter S. Thompson or Don Henley (of the Eagles) have made their homes here. Once you get a look for yourself, you’ll see why so many are attracted to what Woody Creek is building.

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Due to the size of Woody Creek, and its standing as more of a rural community, it helps to have a car (or even a trusty steed) here.

The Woody Creek Tavern has been the epicenter of Woody Creek since the 1940s. It’s housed in a log cabin built in the early 20th century. Nowadays, this is the place where residents come to rest, relax, and recuperate – whether they’re coming down from the mountain, or dismounting from their bikes at the adjacent trailhead. Woody Creek Tavern is known around the world, and it will easily become your local hotspot!

Living in Woody Creek is so picturesque, it’s no surprise why more and more buyers are flocking here. We especially love it because of its palpable growth, enviable quirk, and friendly charm, with the mountains always in view and crisp, running waters nearby.


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