Hey there, my name’s Jim Bineau.

I’m one half of the Bineau Team. Alongside my wife Anita, our 30 years of experience is put to work every day to help provide a full-service experience for our clients in the Roaring Fork Valley.

I pride myself on being a people person. I love working with clients and helping them find solutions for their unique needs. Whether that’s realizing the true value of their property, or finding that dream place to call their own. I’m the type to knock on doors that aren’t even on the market if it crosses every box off your wish list – that’s just how committed I am to my clients.

When it comes to my own personal experience, I began my career in the world of construction. This has given me unique insight, the kind of expertise that most agents would never have. I can help assess the value of your property based on its “bones,” and with this level of expertise I can extract the most value from your property.

I am also proud to add that I am certified as an Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) from the Realtors Land Institute. This helps make me one of the most experienced, accomplished, and highest-performing land experts in the area. When we work together, you will have the opportunity to access this expertise. Want to learn more? Click here to find out.

Are you ready to work with us?

Are you ready to work with us? I’m just one half of our team, so you’re getting even more experience and skill once you meet Anita. Together, we provide the kind of experience that you not only want, but the experience you deserve.

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