There’s one question we get asked all the time: “What is it Like to Live in Aspen?“ We’re excited to share what we love about Aspen and what makes it special, so that you’re ready for your next adventure…

Maybe you’ve been here once or twice, or perhaps you’re living here or visiting at this very moment. Either way, the Aspen lifestyle is unforgettable, and for good reason.

Here is what it’s like to live in Aspen:

Reasons to Live in Aspen, CO:

You know as well as we do that Aspen is much more than mountains. There’s a certain vibrancy here, a panache, which comes from a mind, body, and spirit approach to life and sense of adventure for those living here. It’s about seizing the day, taking advantage of every moment, and really living somewhere that matters.

Here, your once-in-a-lifetime adventure turns into an everyday activity. This is what it’s all about living in Aspen. Skiing, hiking, snowmobiling, there’s a treasure trove of new opportunities around each and every corner.

Hiking and biking throughout the Rockies? Sure thing. Looking for some of the best trails? We’ve got those, too. Want to enjoy a quick 18? Four! Aspen isn’t just an amazing place to visit, it’s a great place to live. Looking for more to do? Let’s give you an even better look into what makes up the Aspen lifestyle.

What takes Aspen to the next level?

Folks keep coming back time and time again for the immense amount of culture in Aspen. If you’ve grown tired of fishing in the Roaring Fork River or cycling along the mountainside, we know where you can find something to do that’s a bit more refined.

What is it Like to Live in Aspen?

Aspen Music Scene

Jazz Aspen Snowmass is a concert provider that hosts some of the area’s best musical events, all year long. This is where you’re just as likely to see The Roots or Keith Urban, as you are to sing along with Hall and Oates.

What is it Like to Live in Aspen?

Dance in Aspen

There’s some of the world’s most exquisite dancing on offer at the Aspen Santa Fe Ballet. Featuring eleven of the world’s top dancers, this is where you can indulge in something that truly warms your soul.

Best Food in Colorado 

If you’re more of a gourmand, you can enjoy some of the best food – and top chefs – in the world at the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen. There’s also fine-dining galore here, with restaurants like Element 47, the exclusivity of the Caribou Club, and more gastronomical delights to make a night out on the town amazing.

Art Gallery in Aspen

Aspen Art Galleries

If you didn’t already know, Aspen is a place for all kinds of artists. There’s the downtown Aspen Art Walk, and a collection of galleries, like the Anderson Ranch Arts Center or Cha Cha Gallery, where you can see new works, purchase handmade sculptures, or pick up your next statement piece in Aspen’s sterling exchange of art and culture.

Lecture in Aspen

The Aspen Institute

What about something a little more intellectual? The Aspen Institute is one of the gathering places for the brightest minds in the country. This is where you’ll find scholars, poets, even past Presidents and Justices delivering lectures. Aspen is where innovation and insight begin.

What have you been missing?

Equal parts adventure and enlightenment, the Aspen lifestyle combines the excitement of the rugged frontier with big-city amenities and small-town charm. If you visit, you become friendly, but when you live here you become family.

Whether it’s enjoying breathtaking views across the Valley, enjoying a show at the Wheeler Opera House, dropping in on a talk at the Aspen Institute, racing down hills of fresh powder, or casting your line into the Roaring Fork River – it’s all here. The Aspen lifestyle is about making memories, every single day.

Ready to find your home in Aspen?

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